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Stainless Steel Slide for Kids

Stainless steel slide set fitness and entertainment as one, according to the interests of children and hobbies carefully designed a variety of different styles, is a new comprehensive and strong children's playground.Stainless steel slide main material by 304 stainless steel and other materials, its function covers outdoor children's physical exercise walking, running, jumping, balancing, throwing, climbing, climbing, drilling eight major functions.Stainless steel slide equipment by the drill tube, climbing ladders, slides, and other functional modules built from, so named the high-altitude corridor stainless steel combination slide, also known as non-powered combination play.Stainless steel slide design clever, color and harmony, the clever combination of various components, designed for children like to drill, climb, slide and other characteristics, bright colors, functional, reliable quality, strong entertainment.
  • LE.CI.A04.06.00
  • Liben Group
  • LE.CI.A04.06.00

-Modules:Roofs,slides,plastic panels,stairs,decks,tubes and posts,climbing.

-Certificate:ISO14001, ISO18000, ISO9001, GS Certificate from TUV Company of Germany


a. Anti-UV 

b. Anti-static  

c. Security  

d. Environmental protection  

e. Color is not easy to fade

-Apply to:Amusement park, kindergarten, preschool, residential area, supermarket, restaurant, etc..

-Packing:Standard export packing

-Plastic parts:bubble bag and pp film;

Iron parts:cotton and pp film

-Warranty:1 year for metal parts and component.


a.Please check the screws and other catchers regularly to remove hidden danger.

b.Please make sure that all the kids play under adult supervision.

c.Blunt objects and acid corrosive liquor are forbidden.

The Stainless Steel Slide for Kids has the functions of anti-static, great intense, safe and environmentally friendly, and the water absorption is relatively low, so no matter heavy rain or light rain, it has little influence on outdoor equipment. Compared with general material equipment, equipment with this kind of material has more advantages. So the price will be a little higher, but the specific amount of money needs to be considered comprehensively.


Material Details

Material Stainless Steel
Recommended Ages 3-15
Apply for Outdoor Playground
Color  customized available
Brand Liben
Warranty 1 year.

Free 2D and 3D designs

-Plastic Parts:LLDPE, Roto-moulding

-Metal Parts:Stainless Steel Pipe

 -Deck&Staircase:Steel, Color powder coating or PVC coating.

-Bolts:Stainless Steel



Q: How long does a stainless steel slide last?

A: Because we strictly use the international certification of 304 stainless steel materials, coupled with the rigorous process, our products can guarantee 8 years, not rust, not rotten.

Q:What stainless steel slide on the market will use 304 stainless steel?

A: Because 304 stainless steel is universal stainless steel, in which the inherent corrosion-resistant nature makes the product the best in terms of color, use of adhesion, and use of the effect.



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