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The factors related to the price

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What are the factors related to the price of outdoor amusement equipment? Outdoor amusement equipment has the advantages of random installation, unpowered equipment, parent-child interaction and high safety. The installation of children's amusement equipment is not restricted by the venue, whether it is indoor or outdoor, in regular or irregular venues. Or it can be installed on a slope or a curved surface. In addition, it is easy to manage and easy to maintain. It is certain to be welcomed by the majority of businesses. Parent-child interaction and visible safety are also deeply loved by consumers.


The factors affecting the price of children's amusement equipment are as follows:

1. Factors such as the size and theme of the playground. Generally speaking, the larger the site, the lower the average price per square meter. There is also a need to focus more on the configuration of internal amusement equipment and the design of the theme style from the perspective of long-term operations and customers. Different themes will affect the type of equipment and the price.

2. Children's amusement equipment needs to consider the proper internal configuration. Different configurations, the same venue price will not be the same.

3. Materials used in children's amusement equipment. The complete set of children's playground equipment needs to be beautiful, practical and safe. This requires materials of different qualities to be combined to achieve good results. Generally, materials with better quality are more expensive than ordinary materials. Although the quality of equipment made of high-end materials and some combination materials is similar, the price is definitely different, and equipment at different locations requires different materials.


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