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Types of indoor and outdoor climbing

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Types of indoor and outdoor climbing

Everyone has experienced tree climbing when they were young, and this kind of climbing activity always keeps the children happy. Now that the times have progressed, the trees used to climb have been replaced by all kinds of climbing amusement equipment. However, the children's interest in climbing has not diminished the slightest.

Net cage

The net cage can be outdoor or indoor. Indoor net cages can be combined with slides, rainbow nets, drill holes, stairs, etc. In appearance, it can be extended or bent and hovered, and its various postures vary from you. When children get through the net cage, they need to bend over and move forward. At the same time, they also need to pay attention to the coordination between the eyes and body limbs, so that they will not step on the air or hit the top of the net cage. Such an amusement activity is much more fun than climbing a tree, at least children think so.

Climbing frame

It is also a good choice to place a hemispherical climbing frame in the indoor playground! Children can play peek-a-boo here or climb on a climbing frame.

Rainbow Net

Rainbow Net has a variety of styles such as rainbow trees, colorful caves, and floating flying saucers. The colors and sizes can be customized. In the indoor children's playground, the spider-like rainbow web made of colorful ropes can always easily attract the attention of children. Through the rainbow net, children can jump, jump, roll, climb, climb... and slide along the slope of the rainbow net to the bottom. Let the children get good exercise while having fun.


Rainbow ladder

The rainbow ladder made of colorful soft bags is a must in indoor playground. Almost every indoor playground has its shadow. They are arranged at the starting position of the second floor platform to perfectly replace the role of stairs, or are designed as an arched bridge to become a challenging level. It is seen that it has a simple shape, which is a big challenge for young children!

Small climbing wall

Like the Rainbow Ladder, the small climbing wall is also a climbing amusement device that is often used to replace stairs, and is generally set at the entrance of the platform. There are two main types: one is soft-packed, and the other is engineering plastic. Children can use the recessed or protruding rock points to climb with their hands and pedals to complete the rock climbing experience.

Climbing amusement equipment is an indispensable existence in indoor playgrounds. They are presented to children in colorful forms, either as rainbow ladders, or net cages, or rainbow the ingenuity of the designer Under the layout, they are perfectly matched with the nearby amusement equipment, adding fun and challenge to the indoor playground, and bringing children a rich climbing experience and fun.


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