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Unpowered amusement equipment

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Unpowered amusement equipment is a general term for active experience type amusement equipment with amusement characteristics without resorting to any unnatural external force and energy.

1. Match according to needs

Children aged 0-3 usually play alone, suitable for playing with sand, clay, water, swings and small slides. Children aged 3-6 like abstract toys, chairs and tables, big slides and mobile facilities. Children aged 6-8 like climbing nets, which can evoke athletic talent in the body. Children over 8 years old like to show their abilities to the outside world in more complex climbing facilities.

2. Variety of types

In this era, entertainment and leisure are becoming more and more popular with the market and the crowd. Eyes are the windows of the soul, and color is an important element of the world. Traditional parks cannot effectively trigger children's fun. The combination of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple is more likely to arouse children's interest. Attach importance to the training of children's physical fitness, and alleviate the weakening of electronic products on the development of children's sense of touch, hearing, sight, and smell. Unpowered amusement equipment has re-emerged.


3. Amusement equipment is safe and reliable

Active activity is the nature of children, and exploration is the inevitable growth of children. In addition to keeping pace with the times and continuously improving the playability of unpowered amusement equipment, the development of children’s playgrounds also has a great impact on the safety performance of unpowered amusement equipment. Attention, all of the game facilities can use protective ground, such as sand, injection rubber, rubber mats, etc., to reduce the probability of children falling from amusement equipment and injuries.

4. High value of unpowered equipment

There is no need for external energy such as electricity to provide support, and only the interaction between the equipment itself and the user is required. Compared with technological machinery equipment, the purchase cost and later operating costs of unpowered amusement equipment are relatively low. However, due to its amusement, sports, fun, fitness, etc.,the advantages that are widely loved by children have considerable benefits. Unpowered amusement equipment is the first choice for planning with high cost performance.


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