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What are the advantages of customized children's slides? Why do investors prefer them?

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Nowadays, many investors prefer industries with a high return on investment, looking for a project that makes a profit without losing money. So what is this project with a stable profit but not losing money? Investment in children's entertainment facilities is one of them. Many people especially hope to make such an investment. Everyone thinks this investment is really good. In the process of investment, various facilities will be selected. Among these facilities is a kind of facility called a slide, which is more classic. But now many investors like to choose customized children's slides instead of standard and traditional ones. Why do investors prefer these customized ones? Let's find out now.

First, you can customize it according to your own site area

Children's slide customization can be customized according to your actual site area, and will not be limited by the site area. For example, if you want to build a playground of 500 square meters, you have set aside 80 square meters for a slide, but buy this standard When the product was produced, it was found that it did not meet this size, or that the type did not meet, and the shape did not meet. But at this time, if there are customized styles, it will be different.


Second, the small area can also be customized

In fact, a small area can be customized. How to customize a small area? In fact, it is easy to customize. For example, a restaurant has a corner of 30 square meters. In this corner, you can also customize a taller and stronger slide. It's fun Sex is still very strong.

Third, product styling can be changeable

The shape of the customized product is changeable, you can do s-bends, u-bends, up and down ladders, or a combination of drill nets. This shape can be customized according to your needs. It is indeed quite good, and it is generally loved by investors.

Fourth, the price will be more affordable

On the other hand, because the price will be more affordable, because the materials used are different, if it is a custom model, many materials will save money.


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