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What are the classifications of amusement facilities in the park?

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The park is the most popular place for children. The reason is that there are many amusement facilities. Depending on the venue, you will find that the amusement facilities in some large parks are very complete, with various types, which can satisfy the entertainment of children. Demand, and it has become a way for many children to play in their spare time. Let’s take a look at how many categories of these interesting amusement devices are there? Why is it so popular with children?

First, the types of amusement facilities

The types of amusement facilities are based on the power of the equipment. We can see that there is a kind of equipment that is driven by electricity. For example, rotation or laps require electricity to drive. These electrically driven equipment are more popular with children. Another type of equipment is non-powered equipment. These equipment do not require electrical appliances, but are safer, have a long life, and are easy to maintain. They are popular in playgrounds.

Secondly, the division of different functional areas

There are still a lot of these items in different functional areas. After all, different functional areas, these amusement facilities may require larger venues, so these can be seen from the movement structure, whether it is rotation or lifting, these Different functional experiences make tourists like it more.

The types of amusement facilities

Thirdly, the thrilling experience project

Pay attention to thrilling and exciting experience projects, full of various challenges, these thrills, generally speaking, are like jumping machines, or domestic cars, such amusement facilities are full of aexcitement, but also allow more tourists to fully experience the thrilling feeling .

Fourth, challenging projects

Some amusement facilities seem relatively simple, but in fact they are full of physical challenges. After all, projects like crossing single-plank bridges, climbing nets, and swinging to challenge these challenges also allow more children to find confidence in the challenges, so these projects are indeed Loved by children.

The key to the classification of these amusement facilities depends on whether they are outdoors or indoors. The difference is very large. To see the layout of different amusement facilities, it will be carried out according to the requirements of the venue. Electric equipment and unpowered equipment are required They are used separately, so these rides are different in different playgrounds.


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