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What are the common amusement facilities(1)

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Childhood memories are mostly beautiful, and most of the unforgettable interesting things are related to amusement equipment. There are many styles of amusement equipment, whether you go for a walk in a park or a scenic spot, you will see it. But do you know what are the common styles of amusement equipment?

The luxury carousel is an amusement machine that can rotate and undulate. There is a colorful cone-shaped ceiling on the transfer area, and the perimeter of the ceiling is equipped with colorful glass steel decorative panels, which is more luxurious and looks like a gorgeous horse racing hall. There are different styles of cockpit horses, either running fast, or raising your head and howling, or lowering your head in contemplation. Riding on horseback is like running on the grassland, which is very interesting.

a park or a scenic spot

The pirate ship is an old style amusement equipment that can move left and right and up and down. After the pirate ship starts, it swings slowly and rapidly. Passengers ride on the pirate ship, and follow the reciprocating swing from slow to rapid, as if they are in the stormy sea, sometimes rushing to the top of the wave, sometimes falling into the valley, thrilling. Challenge the limits of your psychological endurance.

The rotating flying chair is the most classic equipment in the swing type amusement machine. The flying chair has multiple forms of movement such as rotation, lifting, and variable inclination. When the umbrella-shaped turntable and the intermediate turntable rotate in the opposite direction, the tower body rises slowly. At this time, the turntable swings and the flying chair is in a wavy shape. The sky is flying and floating, the sea is wide and the sky is thrilling. The equipment is majestic and majestic. It has soft and colorful lighting and colorful pattern design. It is gorgeous in shape. It is currently the most beautiful and attractive amusement machine on the playground.

The track train is a kind of track amusement machine, which is made by imitating the regular train. There are many styles of small track trains, such as marine models, elephant models, etc., whether they are placed indoors or outdoors, they look very beautiful. Especially riding on the train, crossing the mountains, crossing the jungle, not to mention how fun it is. The rail train can allow adults and children to ride together, and it is also a classic parent-child amusement device.


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