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What are the floors of outdoor children's playgrounds?

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There are many types of ground materials, and the types are very rich. The designers of amusement equipment venues will adopt corresponding ground materials according to different functional uses. Of course, the first consideration is environmental protection and safety. There must be no volatile odor, and it must be green. Can be divided into: artificial turf, EPDM plastic floor and suspended assembly floor.

Artificial turf is the best choice for playgrounds. It replaces non-environmentally friendly rubber flooring. The color is green all year round, easy to care and maintain. No need to fertilize the water. Artificial grass has the advantages of bright appearance, vivid green in four seasons, good drainage performance, long service life and low maintenance cost.

EPDM plastic floor should be the most commonly used material for outdoor children's playgrounds. It is non-slip and silent, with high friction coefficient and moderate elasticity. It can also prevent children from falling and injured. It is safe and comfortable to run and jump on the floor. Rich in color, easy to mosaic, simple construction process, short construction period, soft floor, personalized support and design. It has good anti-aging performance, can maintain bright colors for a long time, and has a long life. It is also an indispensable ground for customized theme parks.

Artificial turf

The floor material used for outdoor activities has better drainage. The suspension structure design is made of ecological, non-toxic, tasteless, waterproof and moisture-proof polypropylene material, does not parasitic bacteria, is ecological and environmentally friendly, and the structure is simple to install. The floor has the characteristics of anti-ultraviolet radiation, oxidation and cold resistance. The product has the advantages of pressure resistance, impact resistance, high and low temperature resistance and long service life. The weather resistance is extremely high, and it is not afraid of the sun, rain and humidity, the high temperature of cold and snow, and it will not deform or peel off in the harsh weather environment. There are no climate restrictions, and there will be no water accumulation on the site after rain.


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