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What are the outdoor amusement facilities?

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When building amusement facilities, you must not only consider the fun, but also pay attention to safety. The amusement facilities built should be tasteless and non-toxic, not with sharp edges, and pay great attention to safety. Only by selecting good materials and attractive designs can the amusement facilities be more valuable and thus gain more trust and love from parents.

By building some creative amusement facilities to attract the attention of children, so that children are willing to enter the amusement park, and through the construction of these amusement facilities can also highlight the strength of the amusement park hardware, so that parents are more willing to choose their own amusement park.

creative amusement facilities

Common outdoor amusement facilities in kindergartens include seesaws, children's swings, children's slides, climbing nets, and single-plank bridges. Generally divided into three types:

The first type is leisure and entertainment. Leisure and entertainment amusement facilities are mainly children's slides. For kindergarten children, they will especially like to play slides and trampolines. In addition, there will be small wooden horses and seesaws. Children’s slides are suitable to be built in places with large spaces such as playgrounds, and sufficient safety distance should be reserved.

The second is the bionic climbing type. For children, they like to explore new things and climb. Some bionic projects can be built in kindergartens. Interesting bionic projects adopt abstract bionic concepts for project design. The bionic projects require construction in an open and flat site, and the ground needs to be treated with safety protection.

The third is the expansion training type. This type generally includes plum blossom piles, obstacle races, suspension bridges, single-plank bridges, etc. These expansion training amusement facilities can exercise children's balance, willpower, and exercise their body. Amusement parks are generally developed on the ground with higher safety, and some safety protection measures are arranged around them to ensure the safety of children when playing.


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