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What are the outdoor children's amusement facilities, and what are the classic ones?

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The birth rate of our country is decreasing significantly, but the consumption field of children is constantly improving. At the same time, the huge population base has also created the basic needs of the amusement market. Where there is demand, there is a market. A large number of amusement parks are opened all over the motherland. Outdoor children What are the amusement facilities? We can do a category analysis today.

First, the small sightseeing train

What are the outdoor children's amusement facilities? Sightseeing trains are large-scale powered amusement facilities with high cost. They are generally a project for adults and children to play together. The track is built around the amusement park site and the children are dragged by low-speed trains. Sightseeing is a must in large-scale amusement parks.

Second, the roller coaster

This kind of equipment can almost be equated with amusement parks. Larger profitable places will inevitably purchase. The equipment cost is extremely high, reaching tens of millions of yuan. At the same time, the safety standards are quite strict. There are corresponding regulations for use and maintenance. Supervision departments will come to inspect the equipment, which must be underwritten by an insurance company to operate.

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Third, the Happiness Ferris Wheel

The Ferris wheel must be large enough to be effective. Therefore, some of China's top amusement parks have introduced foreign investment to build huge Ferris wheels, and some have even become city landmarks overlooking the sky. However, most small business venues do not purchase them. Can't maintain it.

Fourth, the pirate ship

This is a motivated team game. The game itself is full of thrills and excitement. The equipment decorated as a pirate ship hangs up and swings, like the waves of the Caribbean Sea, immersing children in it.

Fifth, rock climbing project

Children's rock climbing facilities can move children's hands, feet and body coordination within a relatively safe range, with safety ropes and inflatable cushions as protection, parents can let children play with confidence.

Sixth, bungee jumping for children

This kind of project is generally less than 10 meters in height, and the projects set up in many scenic spots are not a risk level. They can exercise the courage of children, have high safety regulations, and must be accompanied by professionals.


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