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What is the status quo of the large outdoor amusement equipment market?

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Large-scale outdoor amusement equipment is imperative. Some manufacturers have already made arrangements in advance to pave the way for the amusement industry. What are the benefits of large-scale outdoor amusement equipment, and what revolutionary changes will it bring to the industry? Detailed.

First, more scalability

In the past, amusement equipment was single-function, slides were slides, single-plank bridges were single-plank bridges, and drill holes were drill holes. Large-scale outdoor amusement equipment was a complex complex. Several games were connected in series, which brought arbitrary customization and can be assembled as required. Bring unlimited creativity.

Second, risks and stimuli coexist

Large equipment is more fun. A single device can play alone, but it can become a combined game after being large-scale. Team games not only gather popularity, but also enhance interactivity. Children are more sticky, increase team awareness, and increase Revenue.

Third, more investment

The cost of large equipment is about 3-5 times higher than the cost of ordinary equipment, and the cost of manual maintenance required in the later period is doubled, especially after the addition of electric and pneumatic, not only the equipment itself, but also the computer system, induction The system undoubtedly increases the burden on the venues, which can be calculated on average, and the input and output are also cost-effective.


Fourth, more popular

Nowadays, large-scale equipment is mostly installed in first- and second-tier cities. The provincial capitals are very dense and the competition is fierce. Relatively speaking, children have seen more, and the taste is also picky. In addition to the equipment content needs to be carefully designed, the appearance must also be matched, and cartoon decoration , Tonal integration is necessary.

Fifth, return time

Large-scale equipment is a large-scale investment project. The payback is relatively slow, and the absolute value of profitability is high. If a business site does not have 2-3 large-scale equipment supporting scenes, it is difficult to imagine that it can win in today’s competition. Generally, the payback time for different large equipment About 3.5 years, if it is a large investment such as a roller coaster, it may take more than 8 years.

Large-scale outdoor amusement equipment did not appear today, but it was too late for China to accept it. The domestic consumption level has only doubled in the past 15 years, which has also caused the industry to renew and lag far behind the international level, but the subsequent improvement will be very fast, perhaps within 5 years , Large equipment will affect third- and fourth-tier cities, and by then, the installed equipment will have reached the peak of upgrading. The market size is estimated to be around 100 billion yuan, which is a big cake for production and service units, and preparations for expansion in advance , It is easier to win.


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