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What is unpowered amusement equipment?(2)

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Outdoor unpowered facilities can be divided into challenge type, interactive type and experience type according to the type of experience.Challenging unpowered equipment, mainly through safety belt protection measures, allows children to cross difficult obstacles, climb, and slow down a series of games in the sky, inspiring children's desire for adventure and exploration.

Sporty non-powered amusement equipment is designed to promote collaboration and interaction between people, and to draw closer relationships with each other. It is more interesting and has a larger venue for activities, attracting children to actively participate and play. This is exercise The best tools and equipment for children's language expression ability, interpersonal skills, teamwork and cooperation are also artifacts to help the parent-child relationship heat up and become more and more beautiful. Commonly there are slide combinations of various themes, wooden expansion parks, swings, trampolines, and microphones.

interpersonal skills

Experiential unpowered amusement equipment focuses on fully mobilizing children’s senses and enhancing the immersive experience of children’s play. These types of equipment are generally small, and most of them are exclusive supporting equipment for children, which meet the needs of children in the growth process. Space solitude, independent exploration and other demand characteristics are tailored. Commonly include music sketch series, sensory integration expansion series, sand pool kingdom, micro terrain exploration, rocking horse, balanced revolving rod, crawling, etc.


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