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What kind of unpowered amusement facilities can be selected for the research base project?

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The construction of research bases recommends unpowered amusement facilities in the choice of infrastructure. First, unpowered equipment can usually be customized according to specific conditions, and cost control is free; second, the game experience effect of unpowered equipment is better. Users have a lot of interaction; in the end, the unpowered equipment is more compatible with the research base in exploration and learning.

For outdoor activity bases with research topics, there are some unpowered facilities that are worth considering.

The first is the zipline. The fun of the zipline is that children can enjoy a certain speed impact and the pleasure of sliding. The soft fine sand below ensures the safety of the entire venue. In addition, it is a single project. The orderliness of play needs to be maintained by every child. They develop the good habit of waiting in line, and then experience fun to release vitality.

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The second is to climb the peak. In line with the education and guidance atmosphere of the research base, climbing the high peak is the theme of this project. Children need to climb through rope nets under the guidance to reach the commanding heights. The whole process requires them to devote all their energy and make the right choice at every step.  While maintaining an atmosphere of collaboration and competition with the surrounding friends.

The third is through the jungle. This type of project is a more classic project in outdoor development. You can experience different scenery in the air and enjoy a moderate sense of excitement. You can shuttle through the jungle through rope nets, trails, etc., until you successfully reach the end. The whole process is accompanied by high altitude. Exhaustion and other difficulties, and the experience process is to let the children learn to overcome the difficulties and win.

The fourth is Sky City. This project is integrated with rope nets, climbing, skywalks, slides and ziplines, etc. It can let children experience the fun of outdoor sports through rich play forms, and the research base can give it more educational and learning significance , By designing more interesting and in-depth games or activities, young people can get more gains in the process of serious participation.

The things to be carried by the research base itself will vary depending on the focus, but the basic amusement and tourism effects need to be met, and only on this basis can the youth and children who come to experience form a good research atmosphere.


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