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Where are outdoor children's slides needed?

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Nowadays, urbanization is developing very fast. Many farmers have settled in cities, bringing about the rapid development of community construction. The benefits of centralized living are easier for manufacturers to understand the pulse of business, and it also provides a variety of market needs. Outdoor children's slides are not only needed for small amusement parks, but also for municipal construction.

First, operating venues

80% of the purchase demand for outdoor children's slides in the community comes from outdoor amusement parks. These venues have not many facilities, but they can meet the needs of daily play. The fees are cheap. Generally, tickets are sold for 8 yuan an hour, and in some places it can be half an hour. The charge is 10 yuan, and the effect of matching with other amusement facilities is very significant.

Second, non-operating venues

In order to facilitate people's lives and bring more playfulness, the municipal construction department will install some sports equipment on public land, or amusement facilities for citizens to use, including outdoor children's slides, some of which are very large , Parents and children can interact together, which increases the fun in life.


Third, ancillary facilities

Outside of many large communities, there are inevitably large-scale shopping malls and supermarkets. Children follow their parents to go to the supermarket, which often disturbs attention. Sometimes children prefer to play outside the supermarket's auxiliary facilities, such as ocean ball pool, trampoline or slide , These facilities are free of charge. They are gifts from the supermarket and can win over the hearts of the people.

Fourth, kindergarten

Many kindergartens are located in or around the community and need to purchase a lot of equipment and facilities like slides, which will also become a strong purchase momentum.

Fifth, future development

The market is constantly changing. China has already opened up the second child. It only takes a few years. As more and more people get married, babies will be born one after another. The requirements for slides are naturally increasing. Statistics obtained from manufacturers in recent years As a result, the market demand for slides will increase by 4.3% every year. Because the entire market is large, a slight change will bring strong demand.

Outdoor children's slides are traditional projects. Nowadays, a residential area with more than tens of thousands of people has become a common phenomenon, and there are more and more children. They always need a place to play, which brings business space to businesses. At the same time, Some municipal constructions are also inseparable from the embellishment of these equipment, which makes the whole city more vibrant.


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