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Where are the outdoor wooden slides used?

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In many temporary outdoor amusement parks, people can see wooden slides. This kind of equipment is relatively light and easy to install. It can also be towed away at any time. Once damaged, it can be reused only by replacing the relevant parts. The buyer should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the slide.

First, the lightest material

The outdoor wooden slide is the cheapest material in the slide project. In the past, manufacturers seldom made it. Since most amusement parks do not charge for the slide project, it is necessary to ensure long-term operation and avoid damage. The best solution It is cement, steel, concrete, stainless steel, etc. With the emergence of temporary outdoor facilities, the lightness of this material is gradually being valued.

Second, it's cheap

Most of the wood used on the market is the cheapest pine, and the cost of the whole set is only a few thousand yuan. The base part is aggravated, and the exterior is painted with protective paint, which is mainly anti-ultraviolet and moisture-proof. It is specially customized or covers a large area. Will reach tens of thousands of yuan.


Third, the service life is short

Generally, concrete slides can be used for up to 20 years, while stainless steel materials have reached 25 years. Wooden products have only 7 to 8 years of use. Frequent maintenance is required in the middle. However, in some temporary facilities, the equipment is most used and covers an area A slide of up to 30 square meters, if it is made of wood, the total weight will not exceed one ton, and the modular design can be disassembled and taken away at any time.

Fourth, the choice based on local conditions

Different purchase arrangements are required for different purposes. The reason for using outdoor wooden slides is that they are cheap and light. For manufacturers who often need to go to different provinces and cities to carry out outdoor expansion activities, this kind of portable device is most needed, but Also pay attention to daily maintenance. Re-apply anti-corrosion paint every once in a while to avoid being eaten by insects. Even if this product is damaged, it does not necessarily need to be maintained by the manufacturer. You only need to find a local carpenter to remake it according to the size of the accessories. Yes, but operators of fixed facilities still have to choose other materials.

Outdoor wooden slides have frequently appeared in specific projects in recent years, and the products have been sought after by the market mainly because of their excellent material properties and low prices. Of course, some temporary projects and organized activities also need to be rented. The equipment brought it a relatively stable market.


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