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Wooden outdoor play equipment customization

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Children's growth is inseparable from the company of amusement facilities. Wooden children's outdoor amusement facilities have a long history, which is earlier than other materials. So people's love for wooden slides comes from the inheritance from generation to generation. When you see a wooden slide, you will think of your childhood, and you will have a feeling of seeing things and remembering your childhood.

The main representative of wooden children's outdoor amusement facilities is wooden slides. Modern slides have more types and materials.

Wooden slides, like other slides, are composed of basic components, climbing components, platforms and skateboards. The main body of the wooden slide is wood, so the requirements for the production process are relatively high. The wood used is generally imported huanghuali or mongolica. During the processing, the wood needs to be subjected to complex treatments, such as dehydration and carbonization, anti-corrosion and moth prevention , Fireproof and mildew proof, etc., and then refined operation can ensure the stability in later use.


The overall modeling style of the wooden slides gives people a sense of exquisiteness, exotic style, full of unique plastic arts, and more attractive to children. Wooden slides are used in many high-standard communities and kindergartens. Slides used to be children’s toys. Now wooden children’s outdoor amusement equipment manufacturers continue to offer different styles of wooden slide services, tailored to different environments such as communities, parks, and kindergartens. The shapes are not the same, and the slides are integrated with the surrounding environment. Become a unique landscape and a characteristic sign of the park.

Many people think that wooden slides have a long service life than other slides. In fact, wooden slides can be used for a long time, and their service life is no less than that of other slides. Wooden slides have been specially treated with wood during production, so as long as they pay attention to maintenance in future use, they can be as long as other slides. It is recommended to put varnish on the wooden slide once or twice a year to protect the slide.

Based on the above three points, it can be seen that wooden slides can not only meet the needs of children, but also meet the aesthetic needs of adults, and also reflect the quality of tall.


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