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Wooden playground

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Wood products have always been loved by the public. Many common products in life are made of solid wood, such as furniture, flooring, etc. Wood is a reliable material familiar to ordinary consumers, so it is easy to combine with outdoor products. Compared with conventional plastic slides and metal slides, wooden slides are more beautiful. Moreover, the wood used for playground construction is one of the only reusable resources.


Compared with metal slides, wooden slides have a stronger load capacity than metal slides. However, it is not resistant to corrosion. When Shenyang Golden Childhood produces this wooden slide, a layer of protective material is applied to the surface, which retains the beauty and weighing ability of the wood, and increases the practicability of wooden products. But there is one point worth noting. When installing our wooden outdoor amusement products, please pay attention to their placement. Do not assemble in swamps, floodplains or areas that are often in contact with water. This is also the root cause of decay of wooden playground equipment.

Wooden amusement products are also easy to move and assemble. For many families and communities, they want a place where children can entertain, but it is not convenient to transport and install. It would be a good idea to buy wooden amusement products. s solution. Although some parents are inevitably more at ease about the use of plastic products, Shenyang Golden Childhood can provide you with a very good solution. Provide your children with wooden play structures that have the durability and stability needed to spend a good time.


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