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Do You Know Whether To Use Preserved Wooden Or Imported Wood For Outdoor Wooden Play Equipment?

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  Outdoor wooden children's playground products due to its environmental attributes and natural plate texture by high-end children's playgrounds, especially some new communities, real estate children's entertainment area, high-end early childhood education, and most of the outdoor field integrated cultural tourism sites are applicable, and the general public will not care about the type of wood, some of them are based on the designer's half-knowledge of the main material to decide the style.


This article is divided into two parts.

1.Preserved wood


Preserved wood

  First of all, the difference between the material itself, preservative wood is the collective name of all preservative wood and does not refer to a kind of wood, the general market is generally popular preservative wood using pine wood, and most of the pinewood is imported, let's say the Russian camphor pine, Scandinavian Finland (red pine), southern pine and Douglas fir from the United States and Canada, etc., each wood has its unique properties and excellent weather resistance of the field, let's say Finnish wood is known for its high strength for the construction of outdoor wooden walkways, wooden houses, etc., while other wood according to the pattern, the thickness of the material is suitable for indoor and outdoor, a variety of different strength of wooden play equipment.

  Of course, preserved wood can also be used as indoor toys, due to the origin of wood, price-quality standards vary, some wood is more resistant to cracking, some inexpensive selection of the wood is more prone to cracking due to insufficient years of wood, and even the same wood of the regional core and sapwood prices are different, which will have to test the professionalism of manufacturers.


  Another is the toy industry with more rosewood, the general public hears rosewood feel more high-end indeed more high-end, this type of wood is a hedgehog rosewood genus, do not understand the customer we have to explain many times, think you secretly change the selection of materials, specified to rosewood are a kind of wood only. The characteristics of this type of wood are dense, monolithic quality of fine, long weathering time, then the general anti-corrosion wood are heavy, its surface after a variety of polishing paint is no burr, even after years of high-intensity outdoor use will not have barbs, due to the characteristics of the wood will also crack, but compared to conventional anti-corrosion wood or more excellent.


  Different sites use different wood, of course, a penny, and outdoor play equipment is generally based on customer demand, budget positioning and climate conditions each take what they need, of course, the main thing is still workmanship and quality, and then the good wood also needs to have skilled production experience of the factory to do it.

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