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How Much Does The Outdoor Combination Slide Cost?

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   The cost of the slide depends on how big your playground? The larger the site, the larger the slide, the higher the cost of delivery, some playgrounds from dozens of meters to hundreds of square meters are available.Liben Group according to the needs of customers, there may be some differences, the price of different combinations of slides vary relatively large, so we can not say specifically how much you need more money price.


   Combination slide first need to purchase children's slide organization or individual, need to clearly understand the children's combination slide in the current market roughly category, children's slide has a very obvious form size distinction, style varies, functional variation and so on difference, its price also with the change of these conditions and very obvious differences, some slide thousands of tens of thousands of pieces, some slide dozens of millions, clear their positioning needs what kind of specifications of the slide.

   Children's combination slide according to the current price of the slide, we outdoor use of plastic slides and stainless steel slides, generally we do not use outside is not recommended to use solid wood slides. These three types of slide prices are different, in general, plastic slides are more cost-effective, are charged according to the square meter, divided into high, low, and medium. Popular slides are generally about 300 U.S. dollars per square meter to 800 U.S. dollars, a little more upscale slides are more expensive, generally priced between 3200 U.S. dollars to 16000 U.S. dollars, investors can choose the right slide according to their budget.


    In the outdoor general site area between 200 and 500 square meters, the need to use the slide size in about ten meters, ten meters of the slide offer should be between $ 8,000 to $ 16,000. Because according to the size of the platform, the slide material prices will have some differences.

   Children need to consider safety when playing slide, so we must buy quality slides when considering the slide, generally speaking, slide material: plastic, solid wood, stainless steel, PE plate these kinds of, in the purchase of the slide must not save money, in case the purchase of quality not slide, the consequences are very terrible, children's slide is no more expensive than children's safety value.

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