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How To Choose Outdoor Parent-Child Interactive Equipment?

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  Each era has the characteristics of each era, each generation of children can experience the toys and games differently, the current era of the Internet and electronic devices, the children of today have early access to these, there are benefits and distress, which is naturally the most concerned parents, to achieve a good parent-child relationship with children, but also to find other effective ways to interact and form a positive parent-child atmosphere together.    

  To establish a harmonious parent-child relationship, the most direct and effective way is to spend more time with children, in addition to learning and playing, it is best to go outdoors, in a close to the natural environment, to play to interact to experience together. So what facilities are needed for outdoor parent-child games, and how do choose them?


This article contains the following content.

1. Outdoor parent-child interactive equipment needs to be simple and pure.

2. Outdoor parent-child interactive equipment needs to be novel and creative.

3. Outdoor parent-child interactive equipment needs to be safe and comfortable.

Outdoor parent-child interactive equipment needs to be simple and pure

  To come outdoors, to carry out parent-child play interaction, the facilities needed must be simple and pure, in line with the natural characteristics of the outdoor space, to come outdoors is to get rid of more electronic products, to enjoy the natural scenery, to participate in interactive games, so the equipment used is simple and pure is good. There are many varieties of amusement equipment, outdoor amusement facilities have a long history, similar to swings, trampolines, seesaws, slides this kind of classic facilities can achieve a good parent-child interaction effect, some light special equipment, such as forest trains, rope net climbing project is more expansion function so that parents and children can participate in the experience.

Outdoor parent-child interactive equipment needs to be novel and creative

  The outdoor parent-child play equipment has many advantages but also has many shortcomings. For example, once the equipment is not new and interesting enough, it is easy to earthy, only to meet the use of children, which does not meet the needs of parent-child interaction, so the need of the moment is more creative, more sophisticated non-powered projects. In recent years, many scenic spots have emerged several Netflix projects, including the figure of the non-powered project, which is a way to reflect the creativity, more parent-child interaction scenes appear in some farms, theme parks, study bases, so outdoor amusement projects to combine with these models, to derive more about the equipment, about the project, about the novelty of parent-child activities creative.


Outdoor parent-child interactive equipment needs to be safe and comfortable

  Safety is the basic quality of outdoor facilities, whether it is conventional special equipment or outdoor parent-child interactive equipment, need to ensure its safety quality, so that the children's group can safely experience, parents can rest assured that participation, so that play, interaction, learning and other experiences can be effectively carried out. On the other hand, the playability of outdoor parent-child projects also needs to be guaranteed, and many queuing scenes make it difficult to accept, so parent-child amusement projects should be carefully designed in terms of the number of people they can accommodate, the layout of the age distinction, etc., so that the timeliness of outdoor activities is fully guaranteed so that parent-child activities will be more attractive.

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