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How To Design A Children's Playground To Look Good And Have Fun?

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  If you want to make the simplest classification for children's playgrounds, it is probably the two categories of indoor and outdoor. According to the general status quo today, indoor children's playground due to the theme positioning, investment scale is very different, the quality of the project is mixed, there is no unified model and standard, basically children's play equipment and implementation as the main point of attraction. Good-looking and fun appear to be relatively limited, but the obvious advantage is not affected by the weather. And the site of the outdoor children's park site is mostly within the park or other public areas, the combination of sports, expansion, entertainment, and education, often in line with the local landscape and human feelings or history and culture into the children's park, so that children in the process of playing to learn from the textbooks will not get the knowledge.


This paper contains the following.

1. Meet the psychological needs of children

2. Have beauty and fun

3. Set up user service space

Meet the psychological needs of children

  Due to the characteristics of children's consumption, the design of children's theme parks needs to start from the deep psychology of children's consumption, in addition to meeting the psychological needs of children's entertainment, but also consider the satisfaction and fun of parents. Taken together, children's parks are an important place for children's early socialization learning. Participation in such collective experiential activities helps to enhance their sense of collective identity, belonging, morality and cooperation, and has a positive effect on building their self-esteem, self-confidence and self-improvement.

Have beauty and fun

  "Looking good" is of course expressed through exquisite styling and design, which are reflected in numerous conditions: shape, layout, color, detail workmanship and so on, elements with hard indicators. For example, in the creation of color, with a more advanced texture of the paint color and deep process polishing, will certainly reveal a more delicate sense of beauty; and fun this point, it requires depth of design, from the expression of the theme and sense of participation, to retain the children, so that they feel interesting, because now the children are very picky, how to climb, slip jump, run and jump and so on ordinary experience links. By stringing, shaping, breaking and so on form to create a richer, is the design should be thinking about the problem.

Set up user service space

  Service space refers to the process of children's play to take into account the various needs, to enhance the viscosity of the park and customer satisfaction; food and beverage space refers to the provision of desserts and drinks and other food in the park, to increase the retention time of visitors and enhance the potential for secondary consumption; sales space is combined with the theme design a series of derivatives so that the theme of the park can continue to enhance the brand's communication power.


  The development and progress of the industry are obvious, some of these directions and needs, there are now professional customizers to provide services, how to create a good-looking and fun children's playground, communicate your ideas with a professional design and build team, or will get a satisfactory answer.

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