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Notes For The Elderly When Using Outdoor Fitness Equipment Fitness

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Nowadays, outdoor fitness has become an important symbol to decorate modern cities and provide more convenience for all people to get fit. The emergence of these outdoor fitness equipment, but also to enable everyone to get exercise at any time, anywhere. There are many kinds of outdoor fitness equipment for the elderly, but when it comes to fitness, there are also many precautions.

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First, should not exercise too much

People who often participate in physical exercise should know that exercise must be appropriate. Generally with a pulse rate of not more than 110 times, the highest per minute can not exceed 120 times. The elderly who do not often exercise or do not participate in sports at all should first choose a project that suits them.

Second, the preparation work before exercise

Before exercising, before using outdoor fitness equipment, there must be a certain amount of warm-up exercises. Because the warm-up time, to be able to open up each of their joints, and also to regulate their heart rate, will not exercise too much, but also to better protect their bodies.

Third, the finishing activities after exercise

After the movement of capillary expansion, if sitting on the ground in place, the blood can not return to the heart, it will feel suffocated heart, especially the elderly, people with high blood pressure or heart disease is very much, after exercise must slowly walk, buffer about ten minutes or so.

Fourth, master the exercise time

The elderly in doing outdoor fitness exercise, the best time is about 30 minutes, not more than an hour, not less than 20 minutes, which is a very good definition of time, not too tired, while the body can achieve a good exercise.


    And the elderly in the exercise, must choose the appropriate outdoor fitness equipment, each outdoor fitness equipment will have detailed instructions, as long as it is in accordance with some of the above equipment to choose on the good. The elderly because of special physical reasons, so there are more precautions in the use of these sports equipment. The right equipment, the right time to exercise, the right way to exercise, these are the direct impact on health, but also need to pay attention to.

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