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​outdoor amusement

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Most of the outdoor amusement equipment is generally placed in scenic spots, parks or playgrounds. Such places are generally far away from the high-rise buildings in the city and away from the reinforced concrete. The family relaxes in the flowers and greens and embraces nature. So what are the common outdoor unpowered amusement equipment?

Large-scale stainless steel slides get rid of conventional design techniques. Compared with traditional plastic slides, which have the disadvantages of rotational molding, mold production, and fixed slide size and shape, stainless steel slides not only have good weather resistance, and longer service life.

outdoor amusement

The forest is a child’s fairy tale and a gateway to the child’s innocent world. If you are taking your children to an outdoor outreach project or summer camp for the first time, jungle crossing will be a good choice. The jungle crossing project is a very popular outdoor development equipment in recent years. Many scenic spots, forest parks, farms and other projects are contacting this set of projects. The jungle traversal project is the best adventure camp for children to educate and have fun. Let children traverse the jungle, challenge numerous levels with perseverance and courage, learn survival skills in the wild, experience the power of teamwork, teamwork, and interpersonal relationships. Outdoor survival and other qualities can take root in entertainment.

The development of trampolines in China has become a fast-running project. In recent years, the good momentum of trampoline park development has become the best time to invest in trampoline projects. The production and development level of trampoline park manufacturers has achieved greater Progress and development.


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