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Custom Equipment

With years of experience in production Custom Equipment, Liben Group Corporation can supply a wide range of Custom Equipment. Custom Equipment can meet many applications, if you need, please get our online timely service about Custom Equipment. In addition to the product list below, you can also customize your own unique Custom Equipment according to your specific needs.
  • Outdoor Special Shaped Climbing Net With Plastic Slide
    Brand: Liben
    Product Code: LE.CK.A01.10.00
    Model: LE.CK.A01.10.00
    With the rapid development of children’s recreation industry, single outdoor playground equipment can not meet the needs of customers, at the same time, Children’s rope net climbing equipment rise sharply in children’s industry, becoming a quite popular outdoor equipment at present.
  • Children's Outdoor Customized Tower Climbing Theme Park
    Brand: Liben
    Product Code: LE.CK.A22.15.00
    Model: LE.CK.A22.15.00
    Climbing net is children’s favorite, and it’s also the most popular outdoor amusement equipment.Customized outdoor rope net climbing equipment can not only be randomly modified in colors, modeling and materials.The Custom Climbing Net Structure is very Popular and made of 6 line wireless rope inside, the steel structure and rope color can be custom.
  • GS Approved Outdoor Playground Park Rope Climbing Net
    Brand: Liben
    Product Code: LE.CK.A21.15.00
    Model: LE.CK.A21.15.00
    Through different amusement equipment can meet children’s curiosity and competitiveness. In the fierce running activities, it can also enhance the cardiopulmonary function of children . In the interaction with other children, modest courtesy is the initial heart of our company in designing the combined slide.
  • Outdoor Climbing Net Playground Equipment With Stainless Steel Slide
    Brand: Liben
    Product Code: LE.CK.A10.10.00
    Model: LE.CK.A10.10.00
    Outdoor playground equipment is the outcome of development in market and people’s environment demand. Outdoor playground equipment is given concerned by numbers of investors. More and more areas and outdoors set outdoor playground equipment, such as outdoor swing, microscopic playground equipment, rainbow net rope climbing, trampoline and so on.
  • Outdoor Theme Park Playground Equipment With Net Climbing
    Brand: Liben
    Product Code: LE.CK.A05.10.00
    Model: LE.CK.A05.10.00
    Outdoor playground equipment daycare are fully equipped, not only offering equipment for children to climb, develop,test intelligence, but also offering parent-child play events, which is a playground where both parents and children can play together. That’s why outdoor playground equipment daycare enjoys great popularity.
  • Wooden Pirate Ship Outdoor Playground Equipment With Rope Net
    Brand: Liben
    Product Code: LE.CM.A10.07.00
    Model: LE.CM.A10.07.00
    Outdoor playground equipment rise wave after wave, just like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. On the premise of ensuring safety, many manufacturer suppliers add some new element experience functionality into outdoor playground equipment to get market attention and popularity
  • Children Pirate Ship Outdoor Playground With Rope Net
    Brand: Liben
    Product Code: LE.CM.A13.07.00
    Model: LE.CM.A13.07.00
    Wooden combined slide is a collection of fitness and amusement, and different styles can be carefully designed according to children’s interests and hobbies, which is a new and comprehensive children’s paradise. Slide has become a part in the kindergarten, and many children have happy memories in kindergartens, and make more friends.
  • Custom Playground Equipment Manufacturers
    Brand: Liben
    Product Code: LE.CL.A04.15.00
    Model: LE.CL.A04.15.00
    Customized amusement equipment-Grasshopper amusement as a new type of customized amusement equipment, in the overall structure, has a strong attraction advantage, in the whole equipment internal structure division is obvious, contains the test for the child climbing ability, as well as the wisdom of breaking through the ability.

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