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Liben Group Corporation as a professional global amusement manufacturer and supplier in China, all the global amusement have passed the international industry certification standards, and you can be completely assured of quality. If you do not find your own Intent global amusement in our product list, you can also contact us, we can provide customized services.
  • The Joining of Outdoor Little Doctor Multifunctional Plastic Combined Slide
    Brand: Liben Group
    Product Code: LE.CA.A09.13.00
    Model: LE.CA.A09.13.00
    Slide is children’s favorite, and it’s also the most popular outdoor amusement equipment. No matter it’s the plastic slide, wooden slide or the pretty popular stainless steel slide, they all have good weather resistance. And it’s not easy to fade or corrode even under sunny or rainy days, wear well and durable, which is the first choice of outdoor children’s amusement equipment, and it can be seen in kindergartens, parks and real estates.
  • Outdoor Customized Engineering Plastic Combined Slide
    Brand: Liben Group
    Product Code: LE.CC.A06.10.00
    Model: LE.CC.A06.10.00
    The large combined slide produced by our company not only has various styles, but also can be adopted to many scenes, and it’s not only limited to outdoor kindergartens and parks. You can see this style of slide even in shopping malls or neighborhoods. Combined slide can attract more passengers and improve the satisfaction of consumers.
  • Manufacturer Direct-sale Children’s Outdoor Amusement Equipment
    Brand: Liben Group
    Product Code: LE.CA.A10.13.00
    Model: LE.CA.A10.13.00
    Little Doctor children’s combined slide designed and produced by Liben Group adopts the elements of animals, plants, cartoon characteristics and so on, so as to make the monotonous outdoor slide pass through different environments, expose children to the atmosphere of mystery and adventure and give children more visual experience.
  • Manufacturer Direct-sale Customized Outdoor Children’s Combined Slide
    Brand: Liben Group
    Product Code: LE.CC.A07.10.00
    Model: LE.CC.A07.10.00
    Liben Group Toy Co., Ltd, as a Chinese enterprise, has achieved a certain effect in the global scope. Many foreign entrepreneurs will consult our professional global sales outlets for product reservation and customization. We are very happy to use our professional services and high-end product technology to make domestic and foreign users believe in us, and we will continue to make efforts to strengthen product innovation and service.
  • Outdoor Large Combined Playground Equipment
    Brand: Liben Group
    Product Code: LE.CC.A05.10.00
    Model: LE.CC.A05.10.00
    Each accessory of combined slide can be distinguished by colors, at the same time, it will brighten up people’s eyes and have a good effect by the combination of different colors. The harmonious collocation between colors and the collection between plastic parts are suitable for children’s play and enhance children’s intellectual development.
  • Children's Outdoor Playground Amusement Equipment
    Brand: Liben Group
    Product Code: LE.CF.A18.06.00
    Model: LE.CF.A18.06.00
    In order to reduce the harm to children’s eyes during playing, when designing the color, we choose the elegant and natural color, which will not stimulate children’s eyes, so as to cultivate their aesthetic taste form an early age. Each widget is also covered with anti-loosen screws to enchance the stability of the slide.we choose the professional materials to make sure the quality is also better and more reliable, so that children can play safely.
  • Children's Park Equipment Free Design Commercial Playground Facilities
    Brand: Liben
    Product Code: LE.CE.A11.13.00
    Model: LE.CE.A11.13.00
    ​No matter what kind of size of outdoor playground equipment has strong inclusiveness, and it can let children of different ages feel the fun of playing.
  • PE Plate Children’s Outdoor Slide Equipment
    Brand: Liben Group
    Product Code: LE.CK.A04.07.00
    Model: LE.CK.A04.07.00
    PE Plate Children’s Outdoor Slide Equipment LE.CK.A04.07.00
    Apply to: kindergarten, backyard
    Measurements (mm):6800*3100*3400
  • Liben New Design Kids Outdoor Play Equipment
    Brand: Liben Group
    Product Code: LE.CK.A02.07.00
    Model: LE.CK.A02.07.00
    Liben Kids Outdoor Play Equipment LE.CK.A02.07.00
    Apply to: kindergarten, backyard
    Measurements (mm):4000*3800*3500

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