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What Are T he Reasons For The Poor Operation Of The Children's Theme Park?

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  Now the children's theme park boom has set off a wave of investment, but there is no million dollar industry, the risk is everywhere. For example, some do indoor children's playground, much is not operating well to lose money closed; the outdoor park is a great opening, after a few years the visitors are scarce.

  Why so unstable a simple analysis can be concluded. The amusement industry or theme park, itself is still considered a niche industry, niche industry to do well, must be small and exquisite, copy and paste mass production is not feasible. Especially small and medium-sized investors are prone to some basic problems.

This article contains the following content.

1. The lack of a flexible design of the children's playground.

2. Children's playground core project equipment problems.

3. Children's playground publicity and marketing.

 The lack of a flexible design of the children's playground

  To put it in writing is not flexible enough in planning and design, easy to be trapped in the original planning and design. The more prominent problem in the outdoor park is that the natural landscape planning for the park is generally confusing, especially in many small and medium-sized parks, perhaps there is no landscape, supporting the layout and other aspects of careful design and planning. So that later want to expand or increase the project and other operations, found that can not move, or great difficulty, the use of the site is extremely solid, the utilization rate is very low. For outdoor parks are often thousands of square feet of space, the need for flexible planning and design, to maximize the utilization of the site, a reasonable layout, distribution to play the value of outdoor space.

Children's playground core project equipment problems

  First of all, not to mention the scenic amusement and professional theme park, as ordinary tourists we are most exposed to the children's playground is the community, commercial space and other scenes, in these scenes, you can easily get the source of customers, but want to operate a rewarding it is still difficult, the origin of homogeneous competition is the project, the problem of equipment. Similar projects, outdated equipment, safety issues, etc. This is the problem of many gardens, the root cause or the strategy of the early mistakes, and in the middle to make up for the correction failed to make timely adjustments, the whole operation fell into a disgusting cycle, I have no money how to update the equipment, not update how more people to play, no one to play how I have money.

Children's playground publicity and marketing

  The problem is not just that the operators of children's playgrounds are troubled, but that they want to get rid of the difficulties and open up their suitable network publicity and marketing. The money to be spent on the money to be spent, the child can not be spared to set the wolf, the situation is, not to keep pace with the pace, easy to be eliminated, children's playground niche, but the demand for fun is the public, there is always common ground, waiting for the industry to discover to create. 

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