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What Are The Factors Affecting The Price Of Kindergarten Slides?

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Kindergarten slide as a kind of  children's outdoor toys ,it can exercise children's physical coordination, but also exercise kindergarten children are not afraid of difficulties, brave forward to exercise the children's self-confidence. Now the kindergarten slide has become a kindergarten necessary play facility. Generally speaking, kindergarten light children have hundreds of people, so now buy a kindergarten slide need how much money? The price of kindergarten slide is not very expensive, because the kindergarten slids plastic, the main factors affecting the price of kindergarten slide are the following aspects.

This article contains the following contents.

1. The impact of the scale of the kindergarten slide on the price.

2.  Kindergarten slide material on the price of the impact.

3. The influence of the kindergarten slide manufacturer on the price.

The impact of the scale of the kindergarten slide on the price

The Kindergarten combination slide is divided into three scales, small, medium, and large, which also determines the combination slide in terms of supplies there are more and less, the price is naturally not the same. Kindergarten can determine the size of the combination slide according to the size of the site so that the site does not look crowded and not to waste. Small slides in more than 800 U.S. dollars, large slides are generally more than three platforms, the price is more than 2500 U.S. dollars, the more platforms the more expensive the price.


The influence of the material of kindergarten slide on the price

Kindergarten combination slides according to the material used can be divided into solid wood slides and plastic slides. With the use of different materials, the price is naturally different. For the same combination slide, plastic slides than solid wood slide to expensive. However, the majority of kindergartens now use plastic combination slides. Because plastic slides are better than solid wood in terms of touch.


The influence of kindergarten slide manufacturers on the price

We must have encountered such things, the appearance of the same two items, but the service life is very different. Now many bad businessmen make huge profits, often in the material above the article, cutting corners, the use of industrial waste and so on, it can be said that there is nothing to do. So, here to remind all kinds of friends, everything can not just look at the surface. We purchase children's combination slide is the same. Be sure to choose a strong overall strength, good reputation of the company, not blindly because of the pursuit of low prices, and choose the quality of the product.


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