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What Children's Outdoor Play Equipment Is More Durable?

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   Children's outdoor play equipment not only gives children's bodies a good workout and improves their balance and coordination, but also helps cultivate good mental qualities such as being active, tough and brave, and undaunted by hardship. In recent years, with the continuous promotion of quality education, children's outdoor play equipment is, therefore, one of the important auxiliary means of teaching, and has become one of the infrastructures of kindergartens, parks, and real estate. To meet the needs of children, children's outdoor play equipment from the initial swing, seesaw slowly expanded to dozens of different types of play equipment, including combination slides, climbing frames, net cages, and so on, a wide variety, a complete range, greatly enriching the outdoor play life of children.

   As this type of play equipment needs to be installed in the open field, sun and rain is inevitable, and then again, the play equipment is located in kindergartens, parks, and real estate these public occasions, the frequency of use is also extremely high, therefore, children's outdoor play equipment is best to be durable. So, what is the children's outdoor play equipment that is more durable?


This article contains the following.

1.Sliding ladder

2.Rope net climbing frame

3. Trampoline

4. Seesaw

5. Swing

Sliding ladder

  The slide is the favorite of children, but also the most popular outdoor play equipment. Whether it is plastic slides, wooden slides, or stainless steel slides that have recently been on fire, they have good weather resistance, even if the sun and rain are not easy to fade, not easy to be corroded, both solid and durable, is the first choice for children's outdoor play equipment, in kindergartens, parks and real estate have the shadow of the slide.

Rope net climbing frame

  The rope net climbing frame is made of nautical cable with chrome-plated steel wire in the center, which is extremely strong and durable. Rope net climbing frames in the shape, style, and size are extremely free to choose space, in the layout is also more arbitrary, it has also become the more popular children's outdoor play equipment.


  Trampoline mainly has two forms of frame trampoline and ground trampoline. Nowadays, the trampolines used outdoors are mostly ground trampolines. This kind of trampoline is more fashionable and beautiful and covers a relatively small area, which greatly saves space. In addition, this trampoline compared to the frame trampoline, a little higher security, to prevent children from trampoline bouncing and other situations. The main materials of the ground trampoline are imported PP elastic fabric and electroplated springs, both of which are weather-resistant materials.



  The seesaw can be said to be the most popular and more applicable to outdoor play equipment. Before stainless steel slides, climbing frames, and other such new amusement items were available, seesaws almost took over the laughter of children's childhood. Now, seesaws have changed a lot in shape and appearance, but the only thing that remains the same is how much children love them.


  Like the seesaw, the swing is also a kind of play equipment mainly for outdoor use. Now, the swing in the form of changes and innovation, not only for adults to play the traditional swing but there are also suitable for younger babies to play the seat swing, there is a kind of swing amplitude of the smaller rocking chair swing, the crowd is also more extensive.

  These are the more children-like and more durable children's outdoor play equipment, they are the choice of weather-resistant materials, sun and rain are not easy to fade, not easy to corrode, and solid not easy to deform.

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