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What Materials Are Available For Outdoor Children's Climbing Toys?

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   Nowadays, society is gradually improving and from the moment a child is born, parents are gradually focusing on all aspects of their child's development. To improve their physical and mental health, parents give their children various learning classes and participate in various outdoor activities when they are young to give them a better start. Outdoor climbing and extension activities are more popular. Not only can children enjoy it, but they can also learn a lot of knowledge that they cannot learn from textbooks. Climbing is one of the most popular programs for children.

   And many kindergartens introduced climbing class project is not very understanding of the good and bad, and even some often deal with these equipment chain kindergarten director or real estate project design is not well understood, today we do some screening for the common climbing network project.


The most common materials used for outdoor climbing nets are mainly the following.

1.Color changing nylon

2.Nautical cable

Color changing nylon

   One of the most commonly used material is varicolored nylon, this climbing net using a high-strength rope net twisted and compiled generally into 6 or 7 strands, ordinary knotted rope net generally does not have a built-in steel wire core, production diameter of about 10-14mm, through the hands of experienced preparation workers to create. Have the role of anti-ultraviolet radiation and outdoor erosion, general use life of about 5 years. If your climbing rope net within 3 years to fall off the frame is unreasonable or woven too loosely. The advantage of this climbing rope is a good touch, soft skin-friendly, the normal rope should have the characteristics of all, the child will not bump in the process of playing, suitable for low age children climbing, two or three years old children can also be completed under the encouragement of the teacher. According to the feedback of kindergarten teachers, many children are afraid to climb for the first time, but after successfully climbing once, self-confidence increased greatly.


Nautical cable

   Another on the free shape of the nautical cable, this rope is generally made of 6 strands of steel wire core rope winding, some have more steel wire core, general load-bearing strength is sufficient to cope with the high intensity of the daily needs, the advantages are as follows: the use of high-quality diameter 16mm stainless steel clamp wire rope; wire rope is very strong, per square meter can support the weight of more than 10 adults; all stainless steel clamp fittings are suitable for All-weather use, and corrosion-resistant for many years; connecting parts with metal protection layer to ensure that in the daily recreational process will not wear. Its connecting parts use metal baking paint fasteners or stainless steel special clamps, two clamps have their advantages and disadvantages, wooden products connecting parts using special wooden connecting latches, there are also a variety of ways to connect according to not barrel environment using different accessories.

    All types of climbing frame suitable for scenic parks,, farms, amusement parks, and other outdoor open space is relatively large venues, high sex ratio, adaptability, whether children, teenagers or adults can participate in the play. In short, children's climbing equipment is also subject to the weaving technology, tensile strength, rope mesh cutting, the quality of the connecting parts, metal steel frame selection, if the choice of inappropriate accessories life is greatly reduced, this can go to a large scene construction experience manufacturers, children's climbing equipment is the most important safety, this must be guaranteed.

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