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Why Is The Threshold Of Outdoor Non-standard Play Equipment High And Difficult? 

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Outdoor non-standard play equipment is still not the mainstream of the market, but the industry is improving quickly, the market share has been rising in recent years, which also let many manufacturers began to pay attention to this industry we need to know is that non-standard custom is not any standard, the following is mainly to give you a detailed introduction is why outdoor non-standard play equipment high threshold,there is the difficulty?

The text contains the following.

1、Industry difficulty

2、Industrial cooperation

3、Long cycle time

4、High cost level

5、Many follow-up links

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Industry Difficulty

Outdoor non-standard play equipment can be made bigger and more complex, which will enhance the play difficulty to a certain extent, and will also increase the revenue to the venue, which is the reason why many investors are after the equipment. Although the state allows some of the equipment to existing outside the standard, but need to understand is the verification link must be complete.

Industry cooperation

As non-standardized customization relates to new product design, inspection, production, raw material assembly, and maintenance, these are the need for upstream and downstream manufacturers to divide and cooperate, design units according to customer requirements to give drawings, and then manufacturers, raw material suppliers will have to be responsible for making the finished product, and finally need to get to the national laboratory for inspection and testing.

Long cycle time

Non-standardized equipment without a public version of the design, resulting in a long cycle, according to the survey of customized equipment from the plan to the landing need months to six months, this is the cycle is long, so it is necessary to focus on.

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High-cost level

Due to the investment of more resources and time, manufacturers also want to make money, which to a certain extent leads to a high level of cost, in general, the price of ordinary trampolines ranging from a few thousand to tens of thousands of yuan, while the price of non-standardized custom trampolines about 150,000 yuan to start.

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Because it is not within the national standards, customized equipment does not have ready-made spare parts available, the original factory is required to redo, bringing a lot of circumstance and difficulty in the upgrade and maintenance process, so that these aspects are required to focus on.

The above is mainly to introduce to you is the outdoor non-standard play equipment why the threshold is high and difficult? For outdoor non-standard play, equipment is introduced to you here, Liben has a professional operation team to provide customers with market research and customization services, thank you for reading!


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