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Wooden Slides, Children's Happy Porters!

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  The outdoor slide has become the favorite of children playing, slide is designed according to the perfect combination of children's entertainment nature and scientific education concept, it can enhance children's thinking ability, physical ability, exercise children's hand, and brain coordination and reaction ability, and can train children's courage, is a new type of kindergarten outdoor physical training project.


  Among the many varieties of slides, wooden slides stand out because of their outstanding appearance. The all-wooden structure, flexible style, novel shape, and unique design make the children highly favored among the many slide choices!

This paper contains the following contents.

1. Wooden slide design reasonable safety degree is high

2. Wooden slide shape unique more attractive

3. Wooden slide material is safer and environmentally friendly

Wooden slide design reasonable safety degree is high

  Wooden slide in the design the overall slightly higher than ordinary plastic slide, which makes many parents worry that such a "high" wooden slide will not bring hidden danger to the safety of children, from the design of the wooden slide, for each turning point are used in a soft design way to carry out. So do not worry about the sharp part of some corners will cause harm to children. Secondly, the concept of the wooden slide completely follows the characteristics of children to make, so even if the three or four-year-old children play independently, there will be no impact on the safety of children. Because of this, the presence of wooden slides in kindergartens is relatively high, its reputation is also relatively good, and even some timid people are willing to join them because of the attractiveness of wooden slides.

Wooden slide shape unique more attractive

  Speaking of wooden slides is naturally the existence of the jungle cabin shape as the main body, in which there is a cabin shape, and in addition to the overall shape, the design of some other places is also relatively attractive. For many children, it is like a small "fortress" and thus full of great attraction to children, the entire wooden slide design is just right, to meet the thirst of children for new things!

 Wooden slide material is safer and environmentally friendly

The production material of the slide is a lot of people are more concerned about the issue because the use of wooden slides is some relatively young children, so in the choice of materials are safe and environmentally friendly materials as the main body, the main wood is rose wood, the color also retains the original color of wood, the purpose is to better ensure the safety of children. So for this, we do not need to worry too much, even if the playtime is longer, but also to ensure the safety of children!

The wooden slide has become a lot of kindergartens, public playgrounds, the necessary play equipment, for some of the more resistant to kindergarten children, but also more willing to come to school.

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